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What is the difference between MS Project and VIP Task Manager?

What is the difference between MS Project and VIP Task Manager?
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You will hardly find a feature comparison table “VIP Task Manager vs. MS Project” because these products are used in different ways. MS Project is a specialized software for managing projects, while VIP Task Manager is a specialized software for managing tasks within projects, business processes, departments, teams, etc. So it is better to explain the difference between the solutions these programs represent, rather than the difference in features.

1. MS Project is a perfect tool for project-oriented companies, but not for process-oriented companies.

Actually most of the companies are of mixed type, i.e. they manage both projects and processes, as well as abundance of separate tasks which don"t belong to any project or process still being extremely important for the smooth operation of the company. Such companies choose VIP Task Manager because it is developed exactly for this purpose: to manage any kind of company activities in one program.

2. MS Project is a very good tool for planning projects, but not for tracking projects.

Project well-planned is half done, however, if your company doesn"t want its projects to remain half-done, the projects should be well-tracked. VIP Task Manager has a lot of features for tracking projects: grouping, filtering, sorting project tasks by any of the task attribute like status, date, assigned resource, etc., sending and receiving notifications automatically when the tasks are assigned, scheduled, updated, put on hold, etc. so that all the necessary actions could be taken to ensure the projects are timely and successfully completed.

3. MS Project is a rather convenient tool for project managers, but not for the project executors.

In fact project executors, so called human factor :), are considered to be the most important component of the project. While project managers prefer to work with hierarchy of project stages and tasks, project executors would like to get a plain to do list or a daily/weekly schedule with their tasks. VIP Task Manager features Task Tree view for project managers and Task List view or Schedule view for project executors which number is, by the way, not commensurate with the quantity of project managers engaged in the project.

Also it would be useful to compare the difference in learning curve and price. MS Project can be a quite helpful tool for experienced users, but the majority of users can not afford (or simply are not interested in) spending much time on mastering the product, reading thick manuals or visiting expensive courses. They select VIP Task Manager because they want an intuitive tool to benefit from its using right from the start after playing the demo. As for the price, MS Project is probably a fairly priced tool, but when a multi-user license is purchased, it is quite expensive for the small business (which is our target audience), so the price of VIP Task Manager looks much more reasonable for the solution it offers.


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