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How to update to the latest version

How to update to the latest version
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We strongly recommend you to update your version to the new one gradually (each time a new update is released). If you haven't updated gradually we advise you to contact our technical support before the update to get help or instructions regarding the update process from your current version.
  1. Make sure nobody works in VIP Task Manager, and then on the server computer, browse to C:\Program Files\VIP Quality Software\VIP Task Manager Professional\Databases (or C:\Program Files\VIP Quality Software\VIP Task Manager Standard\Databases for VIP Task Manager Standard product) and copy a file with your database to some other folder to be on the safe side.
  2. Download the latest version of the application from the site.
  3. Save .zip file somewhere in a shared folder and unzip it.
  4. Install the latest version on your "server" computer from a shared folder (all client application will be automatically disconnected).
  5. Select "Server Installation Only" or "Full Installation".
  6. Check "Update registered databases during installation" option (the application will automatically back up your old database).
  7. The backing up process may take some time, so please, do not abort the process.
  8. Launch the program on other computers (clients).
  9. "Confirm" message will appear. Click "Ok" to update the client applications on each computer.
  10. The client installation of the update will automatically launch



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