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Strange numbers at exported to Excel the task list

Strange numbers at exported to Excel the task list
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When I export to Excel the task list with time related columns like Actual Time or Estimated Time, I get some strange numbers which are not related to time.

MS Excel supports date format (ex.: 10.46 pm), but doesn't support time period format (ex.: 10 hours and 46 minutes). That's why it can not display time period correctly. Here are the instructions and the formula you can use to have adequate numbers in your columns:

  1. Export task list to Excel
  2. Enter this formula to a cell in an empty column:

  3. Formula: =IF(S5<1/24;CONCATENATE(TEXT(S5/(1/(24*60));"#0");"min");IF(S5<1;CONCATENATE(TEXT(S5/(1/24);"#0,0");" hour(s)");CONCATENATE(TEXT(S5;"0,0");" day(s)")))

  4. Instead of each 'S5' should be the cell where the 'actual time' is imported.

  5. Apply this formula to other cells (by dragging the right bottom edge of the first cell in the column down.



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