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What is Task Management Software for Business?

What is Task Management Software for Business?
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What is Task Management Software for Business? Task management software combines collaborative capabilities for turning ideas into actions and helping employees perform task organization, management and analysis. There are so many tasks we have to deal with, that it often becomes challenging for us to plan for successful task completion, remember about each piece of job, and collaborate on the work with our colleagues, senior management and partners.

Defining Task Management Software

Task management software can be best defined as the following: it is a computer program dedicated for managing all types of task throughout the entire life-cycle - from creation, planning and assigning to execution, tracking and completion. Such a program helps individuals and teams collaborate on their assignments, work on achieving collective goals, share knowledge, and report on both individual and group performance.

Task Management Software

Key Software Features for Managing Tasks

Today task management is the number one challenge for most employees because they want to organize their activities, keep track of priorities, and enjoy collaboration with customers and co-workers. The popularity of task management software causes many developers to create various solutions for managing jobs and records. Some solutions are free and open source, while others are commercial. Some solutions are web based and online, while others are available on desktop or mobile. Some programs are compatible with Windows, Mac and iOS, while others are cross-platform and can be run under almost any operating system and device.

Regardless the kind of solution you're looking at, there are several key features that help you evaluate the solution and figure out whether your choice is right. Here're the key features that are expected to for inclusion in an effective task management system, such as CentriQS:

1. Task Creation and Organization

You can create and keep tasks in one database. Tasks can be organized in multiple ways, incl. by priority, hierarchically, by assignment, etc. Subtasks are a must-have for better task organization. CentriQS lets you manage and organize your job assignments and activities in the Tasks view.

Task Creation and Organization

2. Job Scheduling

Job Scheduling

You can add tasks to schedules, create calendars for multiple users, plan appointments, design meeting agendas, and schedule any kind of events. Besides, task schedules can be used for planning larger activities and projects. In CentriQS, there are be several view (daily, weekly, monthly, timeline) that help you switch your calendar to be best display.

3. Records Keeping and Docs Management

Every piece of record created in your database is retained, and you can update it when needed. Files, docs, attachments, links and hyperlinks can be added to your records and tasks. CentriQS lets you access and modify your documents in the Files view.

Records Keeping and Docs Management

4. Tracking and Notifications

Tracking and Notifications

You can keep track of task state and send/receive notifications of work progress. Also automatic reminders will keep you aware of overdue tasks, upcoming events, and important dates. Subscriptions in CentriQS let you create custom notifications and specify events that initiate bubble alerts.

5. User Collaboration and Management

Multiple users can access the database to view and edit shared tasks, keep track of common assignments, and collaborate with each other. In CentriQS you can share any kind of data, including tasks, files, projects, schedules, appointments, etc. Permissions define user access to shared data. You can add users and user groups to CentriQS database. Active Directory authentication is supported.

User Collaboration and Management

6. Performance Analytics and Reporting

Performance Analytics and Reporting

Task performance can be analyzed by default and custom indicators, and reports can be built around performance analytics data. CentriQS provides the Tasks Analytics view that lets you summarize performance data in pivot tables. You can print out your pivot tables to paper reports. The Charts panel lets visualize performance data.

From Paper Organizer to Task Management Programs

It is quite natural that today most employees prefer using programs because by definition software is better than any paper organizer. Even if you need to present your tasks on a sheet of paper, task management application allows you to create printed to-do lists, schedules, agendas, checklists, etc. Software applications replace the traditional tools of records keeping and task management with new interactive solutions that provide individuals and teams with a single shared place to coordinate prioritized activities, keep track of work results, and communicate job status. Almost everything that employees need to do for a certain purpose only once or regularly can be regarded as a kind of task. Sending an email, making a website layout, replacing an ink cartridge, approving a meeting agenda, writing a report are some examples of daily tasks that many of us need to do.

What is Task Management Software for Business? Traditional Tools

To solve this challenge, some people prefer using paper organizers, checklists and to-do lists in which they keep record of their priorities and activities. These traditional tools of task management and records keeping are simple in use (no special training required) and almost always available (it's easy to find a sheet of paper and a pen, isn't it?). Besides, they do not require a power supply, live Internet connection, or electronic devices.

Meanwhile, the traditional tools like MS Outlook and other alternatives are useless for collaboration, are not dynamic, and do not provide automatic reminders. Moreover, a paper todo list is not convenient for changing something (priorities, due dates, etc.) and keeping track of upcoming events at a glance.

Computer and Software

A brand new approach to task management is that employees use desktop computers (or laptops, mobile devices) and special programs to create electronic todo lists, keep records in a single database, and collaborate on their tasks with others. What is Task Management Software? Task management software makes it easy for employees to plan, share, track and report on their tasks and priorities. They can do their job and collaborate on progress right from the desktop.

Every piece of your work can be recorded, retained and updated in a database which is protected by password and accessible both via local network and Internet, from desktop, laptop, or mobile. Automatic reminders and email alerts will notify you of important and urgent events, and the history of changes in CentriQS task management program will tell you what updates have been made to your tasks and when. Your colleagues can access the database to view your tasks, leave their comments, and share their assignments with you. Your manager can keep track of work progress, delegate assignments, and measure your performance. Sometimes, task management module serves as one of the basic components of larger software packages, such as project management applications and ERP systems. For instance, CentriQS business software provides functionality for managing tasks.

Task Management Module

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