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Total Non-employee Cost of Tasks

Total Non-employee Cost of Tasks
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Total Non-employee Cost of Tasks

    Total non-employee cost of tasks is a key performance indicator that shows the total fixed task expenses which do not depend on the resource performance.

    This KPI helps to estimate the change of non-employee cost of tasks within some periods of time and determine if the company non-employee expenses are over or under the budget.

    If you need to calculate total non-employee costs of tasks, please do the following:

    1. Create custom field “Task Fixed Cost” (or “Non-Employee Costs”).


    2. If you need to view the total non-employee costs per particular project, filter your to-do list by task group with project tasks.

    3.  Set footer to display the total non-employee costs for a given project or to-do list:

  • right click under column “Task Fixed Cost” (or “Non-Employee Costs”).
  • select “Sum”
  • If you need to view the total non-employee cost of tasks for project(s) on Task Tree, please follow the steps below:

  • On Task Tree select root task group and select “Custom  fields options”
  • To enable the displaying of total non-employee cost for task group select custom field “Task Fixed Cost” (or “Non-Employee Costs”),  do the following:
    •  select Enable
    • check “Aggregated (for task group)
    • select “Sum” and the custom field name “Task Fixed Cost” (or “Non-Employee Costs”)
  • Select task group for which you need to view the total cost of tasks, right click and select “Custom fields options”
  • Select custom field “Task Fixed Cost” (or “Non-Employee Costs”) and select the option “Enable by parent”.
  • Total Non-Employee Cost of tasks per project on Task Tree

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