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Long-Term Debt KPI

Long-Term Debt KPI
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Long-Term Debt KPI

    Long-Term Debt KPI shows the total amount of all company’s borrowings and obligations (usually with interest payments) that will be due in one year later after the date indicated in the balance sheet. Bonds and notes, bank loans, mortgages can be considered long-term debts if their maturity exceeds longer than in one year. Long-Term Debt KPI is used to estimate how much loans a company has and how solvent it is. The debt values vary from company to company, from industry to industry. Sometimes high Long-Time Debt brings additional profit to the company. It happens when the company's assets generate greater earnings than the interest payments.

    To calculate company’s Long-Term Debt please follow the steps below:

  • Create custom field "Long-Term Debt"
  • Long-term Debt KPI

  • to view the total value of this KPI on Task List, filter your to-do list by task group with tasks associated with Long-Term Debt
  • Long-term Debt KPI

  • Set filter to display the company’s debt that should be paid off in a period longer than one year.
  • Long-term Debt KPI

  • To set footer to display the total value of  Long-Term Debt KPI for a given task group right click under column "Long-Term Debt"
  • Long-term Debt KPI

  • To enable the displaying of the total value of Long-Term Debt on Task Tree select the task group with the tasks that refer to loans and obligations lasting more than one year
  • Long-term Debt KPI

  • In "Edit custom fields options" window select the following options for custom field "Long-Term Debt"
    • in "Settings for" select "This task group"
    • select "Enable"
    • in "Aggregated (for task group)" field select "Sum" from drop-down list and the custom field name "Long-Term Debt"
  • Long-term Debt KPI

  • If you would like to edit the value of this KPI manually please select the following settings in "Edit custom fields options" window
    • in "Settings for" select "This task group"
    • select "Enable"
    • select "Edit"
  •        Long-term Debt KPI

  • To enter/edit the value for this custom field select task group, select "Edit" and open "Custom fields" tab
  • Long-term Debt KPI

    Long-term Debt KPI

    Long-Term Debt KPI on Task Tree

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