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Customer Satisfaction KPI

Customer Satisfaction KPI
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Customer Satisfaction KPI

    Customers bring profit to business. To know whether your customers are satisfied with your product or service is very important. Satisfied customers are most likely to repurchase your product or service, bring new customers and more profit.

    Customer Satisfaction KPI is a measure that answers the question: Does your product or service meet your customers’ expectations comparing with the expectations of your competitors’ customers. If you provide a product, customer satisfaction depends on quality, availability, value, ease of use and performance of a product. If you provide a service, customer satisfaction depends on service quality, timeliness, accuracy, timely delivery, friendliness.

    The US-based company Customer Satisfaction Index LLC measures customer satisfaction of American companies and provides the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI). Using this index the companies can estimate how successful their business is comparing with their competitors.

    To measure customer satisfaction by the methods of Customer Satisfaction Index LLC you need to carry out a survey. The customers should answer the questions that refer to three questions:

    1) satisfaction: 1-10 points scale is used to measure the customer’s level of overall satisfaction from very dissatisfied to very satisfied

    2) expectancy: 1-10 points scale is used to measure customers expectations from the product doesn’t meet my expectations at all to the product exceeds my expectations

    3) performance of your product vs. the customer ideal: 1-10 scale shows the customer’s opinion on how close the product is to the ideal.

    Having measured average customers’ satisfaction, expectancy and performance you can calculate the Customer Satisfaction Index to compare it between your projects and with the average one in your industry. The following formula is used to calculate ACSI index:

    (Satisfaction-1) * 0.3885 + (Expectancy-1) * 0.3190 + (Performance-1) * 0.2925) / 9 *100

    ACSI score has 1 – 100 scale, however, the average score is 50-80.

    Say, you have the following average score on customers’ satisfaction, expectancy and performance:

    Satisfaction – 7.00

    Expectancy 7.67

    Performance – 7.33

    Using the above formula your ACSI score is 70.11:

    (7 1) * 0.3885 + (7.67 1) * 0.3190 + (7.33 1) * 0.2925) / 9 *100 = 70.11

    You can find ACSI results appropriate for your industry at:

    If your score is bigger than the average ACSI score in your industry, you have prosperous business and keep ahead of your competitors.

    To measure whether your product or service meets customers’ requirements and whether you are staying ahead of your competitors you can use the following solution:

  • Create the custom field "Satisfaction" with code "cf_satisfaction"
  • Add the overall satisfaction score to this custom field for each customer based on the survey to define the average satisfaction score of your customers

  • Create the custom field "Expectancy" with code "cf_expectancy"
  • Add the expectancy score to this custom field for each customer based on the survey to define the average expectancy score of your customers

  • Create the custom field "Performance" with code "cf_performance"
  • Add the performance score to this custom field for each customer based on the survey to define the average performance score of your customers

  • Add the custom field "Customer Satisfaction" with the formula:
  • ((($cf_satisfaction-1)* 0.3885 + ($cf_expectancy-1)* 0.3190 + ($cf_performance-1)* 0.2925)/9) * 100

  • On Task Tree select the task group for which you need to display Customer Satisfaction index and select "Custom fields options"
  • Set the following custom fields settings for the following custom fields: "Satisfaction", "Expectancy" and "Performance"
    • In "Settings for" select "This task group"
    • select "Enable"
    • in "Aggregated (for task group)" field select "Average" from drop-down list and the corresponding custom field name
  • Select custom field "Customer Satisfaction" and set the following settings for this custom field:
    • In "Settings for" select "This task group"
    • select "Enable"
    • select "Calculated by custom field formula (for task group)"
  • Customer Satisfaction KPI on Task Tree

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